Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Brass, Copper & Tibetan Goods.
A pioneer in making designs and all Handicraft items required for Monasteries ( gompa or gumpas, vihars ),stupas and other Nepalese & Tibetan Crafts existed in Nepal.
"Pwasya Family" is a permanent resident of Patan town, Lalitpur District. Among the copper and brass professionals of Nepal Kingdom, "Pwasya" is a renowned one. In the 19th century, the descendants of the renowned personality and Vaidya Bidya Raj Tamrakar, the "Pwasya Bajya" (grandfather) has been following the forefather's occupation.
Patan town is famous for the handicrafts and the utensils made up of the copper/brass . The tamrakars of Patan have been winning the heart of all by their arts strategy. Pwasya Metal Crafts, making a separate identity among the tamrakar families, registered in the agency of His Majesty's Government of Nepal and is still in operation.
This cottage industry has been selling the products of the handicraft, utensils items and the ordered items.
The establishment of Pwasya Metal Crafts has been done in the proficient leadership of Mr. Subarna Raj Tamrakar, 'Pwasya' and Mr. Jib Krishna Tamrakar, 'Pwasya', grown up in the proximity of the renowned artist Late Tulsi Raj Tamrakar 'Pwasya' of his time and the successful operation of the cottage industry have been done by Mr. Ravindra Raj Tamrakar 'Pwasya' and Mr. Kavindra Raj Tamrakar 'Pwasya', the grandsons of late Tulsi Raj.
Our major products and specialized in Monastery ( Gumpa, Vihar) crafts, Stupas(Chöten), Ridha Chhukur, Galzen, Chhukun, Gajur, Sandung, Gyalling, Kangli, Relief Statues, 'Parava' (statue side edge decoration), prayer wheel, the carved items to be kept in the doors. Tibetan products ranges like Melung, Moksang, Pappure, Dick, Jhunto, Chhusan, Tincha, Sangbhur, Bhumba, Gyakko. Temple crafts like roof hangings (pataa), the peaks, the 'Bhangi', the flag, the ceiling decorator 'Ilan', 'toran' (the gate top covering decorator) and wide range of othe rmetal crafts like flower vases, metal masks, bhairab mask, mandalas, copper jugs, plates, kitchen food dishes and many more...
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